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Book Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Book Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm X Free Online Research Papers America has a very terrible history starting with the slave trade in the 1600’s. From then until the ratification of the thirteenth amendment in 1865 slaves were legal, and even after that until the 1960’s racial discrimination was prevalent in the United States. Malcolm X was an African American and dealt with the trials or racism. After enduring through difficult parts in his life, he found the Nation of Islam and became a devout follower and preacher of the Nation. The Autobiogrophy of Malcolm X was told by Malcolm X to Alex Haley. Haley was an African American born in Ithaca New York, and worked for the United States Coast Guard for twenty years. There, he taught himself to write stories. After his time at the Coast Guard he eventually became senior editor for Reader’s Digest. He also conducted interviews for Playboy and co wrote The Autobiography of Malcolm X. He also wrote Roots: The Saga of an American Family, which was published in 1975. k The Autobiogrophy of Malcolm X is a chronological autobiography telling the story of Malcolm X’s life. It starts with his childhood in Lansing Michigan, where his family was persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan because his father, Reverand Earl Little, was a preaching black power. Eventually, Reverend Little was murdered by the Klan; he was beaten and run over by a train. The life insurance company wouldn’t pay Louise Little, his wife and Malcolm’s mother, because she couldn’t prove that Mr. Little’s death wasn’t suicide. Left impoverished and with five children to feed, Louise slowly lost her sanity as she worked herself to the bone to provide for her family. Growing up in this troubled household, Malcolm was an ill-behaved child and was taken away from his family by the state Welfare. While at school, Malcolm told his teacher, Mr. Ostrowski, that he wanted to be a lawyer. Mr. Ostrowski’s response was this: â€Å"A lawyer- tha’s no realistic goal for a nigger. You need to think about something you can be. You’re good with your hands- making things. Everybody admires your carpentry shop work. Why don’t you plan on carpentry? People like you as a person- you’d get all kinds of work†(38). This was the first time that Malcolm was directly discouraged for doing what he wanted to do because he was black. This led him to notice more and more that people treated him differently because of his skin color, and this angered him. During this time he was writing to his step sister, Ellen, in Boston, and she invited him to live with her. While in Boston, Malcolm became drawn to â€Å"The sharp-dressed young ‘cats’ who hung on the corners and in the poolrooms, bars and restaurants, and who obviously didn’t work anywhere†(45). He later became one of these â€Å"cats† himself, getting his hair â€Å"conked† and becoming a very successful hustler. He moved to Harlem in New York City and became an even bigger hustler. He also became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and hustling. He moved back to Boston and started robbing houses and apartments. Eventually, he was caught by the police and sent to jail. Malcolm X was in jail for eight years. When first go there he was nicknamed â€Å"Satan† because of his anger and hate toward himself, God, and the Bible. The first person in prison that made a positive impact on Malcolm was another inmate named Bimbi. Whenever Bimbi talked everyone would listen, even the white guards; this was what fascinated Malcolm about Bimbi. Malcolm said, â€Å"Out of the blue one day, Bimbi told me flatly, as was his way, that I had some brains, if I’d use them. He told me I should take advantage of the prison correspondence courses and the library† (157). When Malcolm started reading, he learned about topics like history, philosophy, and religion that he never thought about when he was a hustler. Around this time his brother, Reginald went to visit Malcolm in prison. Reginald taught Malcolm about the Nation of Islam. When Malcolm began thinking about what Reginald was telling him, he realized that the teachings of the Nation were right a nd that the â€Å"white devil† caused all the strife in his life. Malcolm then began writing to Mr. Elijah Mohammed, the prophet that started the Nation of Islam. Mr. Mohammed wrote back and they exchanged letters often. Malcolm began his conversion to Islam and when he left jail he became a devout follower of Mr. Mohammed and the Nation of Islam. He worked hard for the Nation for twelve years, until he was suspended and finally exiled. Before he was officially exiled, Malcolm, since conversion Malcolm X, went on his hajj to Mecca. There for the first time he was treated as an equal by other Muslims and came to befriend â€Å"white devils†. When he got back to the United States, he started preaching his new-found knowledge, but people didn’t trust him because of his falling out with the Nation of Islam and his sudden, hypocritical-seeming conversion of faith. This book is important because it describes the views of one of the most important figures during the civil rights movement and in the history of America. It tells Malcolm X’s life story in a very factual and forthright manner; he doesn’t try to justify his time as a hustler, and he expresses his views to the point. This book isn’t an argument to join the Nation of Islam, it is telling how the Islam helped Malcolm and how strongly Malcolm believes in it. Malcolm X does show extreme prejudice against the white man. Despite this, I don’t think it marrs the value of the book, in fact I think it adds to the value of the book. Malcolm X describes to us the things he went through because of white people’s racism, and why he believes so devoutly in the Nation of Islam. He has evidence and facts to support his ideas and beliefs, which is why, as a reader, I didn’t dismiss him as an angry black man; instead I paid attention to what he was saying, even though I might not believe them myself. For example, when Mr. Mohammed is spreading the beliefs of the Nation of Islam, he says: â€Å"The ignorance we of the black race here in America have, and the self-hatred we have, they are fine examples of what the white slavemaster has seen fit to teach to us. Do we show the plain common sense, like every other people on this planet Earth, to unite among ourselves? No! We are humbling ourselves, sitting-in, and begging-in, trying to unite with the slavemaster! I don’t seem to be able to imagine any more ridiculous sight. A thousand ways every day, the white man is telling you ‘you can’t live here, you can’t enter here, you can’t eat here, drink here, walk here, work here, you can’t ride, here you can’t play here, you can’t study here.’ Haven’t we yet seen enough to see that he has no plan to unite with you? â€Å"You have tilled his fields! Cooked his food! Washed his clothes! In many cases, you have been far and away better Christians than this slavemaster who taught you Christianity! â€Å"†¦this Christian American white man has not got it in him to ding the human decency, and enough sense of justice, to recognize us, and accept us, the black people who have done so much for him as fellow human beings!† I think this is a very powerful part of what the Nation of Islam taught. When you think about the history of America and racism from their point of view, they make total sense and are in the right. I think Alex Haley did a very good job putting this book together; I felt like it was really Malcolm X who wrote this book. I think Haley’s story telling abilities really played an important role in writing this book; before I started reading I expected it to be boring, but this book read like a novel instead of an autobiography. This book is valuable to everyone interested in influential people, the history of America, and even religion. I have learned so much about all of these topics by reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I have learned that some of the greatest leaders come from the lowliest backgrounds, that the history of this great and free nation has four hundred years of bondage in its history, that Islam isn’t the religion the media is brainwashing America to be afraid of; in fact it is a very loving and brotherly religion that accepts anyone and everyone. This book has current and permanent interest because it tells the story of a very important man in the history of America no more than fifty years ago, and it tells history of America that people will be educated about in generations to come. Bibliography Alex Haley. 19 Jan. 2008. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 7 Feb. 2008 . Haley, Alex. Autobiography of Malcolm X. New York: Broadway Books, 1998. Research Papers on Book Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm X19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraHip-Hop is ArtWhere Wild and West MeetThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationTrailblazing by Eric AndersonThe Masque of the Red Death Room meaningsCapital PunishmentEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoPersonal Experience with Teen Pregnancy

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Gray vs. Grey

Gray vs. Grey Gray vs. Grey Gray vs. Grey By Maeve Maddox A reader asks, Would you please explain the variation in spelling of the word gray vs. grey? Short answer: gray is standard American spelling and grey is British spelling for the same color. The spellings have bounced back and forth. The Old English stem was spelled grÇ £g. According to the OED, †The variation between spellings in ei, ey, etc., and in ai, ay, etc., in later Middle English results from the general Middle English merger of the ei and ai diphthongs.† Examples of spellings that evolved from the merger are clay, gray, grey, and whey. In Dr. Johnson’s 1755 dictionary, the entry for the adjective is spelled gray: â€Å"white with a mixture of black.† A note in the OED describes an informal inquiry made in 1893 that found differences among the usage of British publishers: the printers of The Times stated that they always used the form gray; Messrs. Spottiswoode and Messrs. Clowes always used grey; other eminent printing firms had no fixed rule. Many correspondents said that they used the two forms with a difference of meaning or application: the distinction most generally recognized being that grey denotes a more delicate or a lighter tint than gray. Others considered the difference to be that gray is a ‘warmer’ colour, or that it has a mixture of red or brown.’ Various attempts have been made at different times to establish different colors for gray and grey. Here’s one from 1867: G. W. Samson Elem. Art Crit. v. i. 483.  Professional, if not primitive English usage has made a distinction between gray and grey. The spelling gray may with propriety be employed to designate admixtures in which simple black and white are employed. The form grey may indicate those admixtures which have the same general hue, but into which blue and its compounds more or less slightly enter. Individuals may prefer one spelling to the other, but the rule is, American spelling gray; British spelling grey. Note: The grey in greyhound has nothing to do with the animal’s color. The OED tells us that this grey is â€Å"apparently a first element cognate with Old Icelandic grey, â€Å"bitch.† The Old Icelandic word for a female dog is greyhundr. In English the word came to mean a particular kind of dog: A breed of fast-running, keen-sighted dog having a long slender body and head and long legs, long used in hunting and coursing, and now used in racing; a dog of this breed. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How Many Tenses in English?Proved vs. ProvenThe 7 Types of Possessive Case

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DNA Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DNA - Coursework Example The enzyme, pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase in humans, has two domains ïÆ'   HATPase_c (Histidine kinase) and BCDHK_Adom3 (Mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase). These domains are responsible for the functionality of the protein. The HATPase_c is an ATP binding domain. The enzyme inactivates pyruvate dehydrogenase using ATP. The HATPase_c domain is responsible for the enzyme’s kinase activity. The secondary structure of the pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase protein comprises of two sheets, two beta hairpins, two beta bulges, seven strands, fifteen helices, twenty-eight helix-helix interactions, twenty beta turns and two gamma turns. It also has a potassium ion ligand. The total alignment score for the three sequences is 99.0 for human and chimpanzee, 97.0 for human and dog, and 97.0 for chimpanzee and dog. Most of the amino acids are conserved in all the sequences, except for a few minor variations. The highest score for human and chimpanzee shows a high protein sequence similarity between the two. The entire stretch of the sequences with conserved amino acid clusters are highlighted below: Now that you have familiarized yourself with these sites, I would like you to make a small addition of your own initiative to the report by using any of the features described above or any other tool that you may have discovered. Using the sequence alignment of the pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase enzyme of human, chimpanzee and dog, created using the CLUSTALW program, a phylogram guide tree was created. This tree shows the phylogeny of the three

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Network Intrusion Detection Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Network Intrusion Detection Systems - Essay Example These intrusion systems have been designed using various techniques. The intrusion system designed with the help of classification technique is the popular ones as it provides more security to the systems in which it is installed. The classification technique is used to classify the type of attack the system faces. (Base 2000).The intrusion system has the responsibility of protecting the system and preventing the attacks. According to Mun the intrusion detection system works well only if the system is selected based on the type of network. The intrusion detection system must be selected to suit the network. There are various types of networks and the system must make sure that it satisfies the network's requirements. The classification technique is used in the intrusion systems to classify and divide the attacks and threats. (Mun 2009).This technique is preferred by most of the network administrators due to its compatibility and efficiency. The intrusion systems work well only when the network's requirements are satisfied. The intrusion detection systems are generally classified into network based intrusion detection systems and host based intrusion detection systems. Network based intrusion system makes use of classification technique since it offers more protection when compared to the other techniques. The systems which are built using classification technique protect each layer of the network. The Ethernet of IP and the other layers are protected and they can be free from intruders. (Northcutt, Noval 2003).Since the classification technique based intrusion detection systems

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Business overview of sainsbury plc

Business overview of sainsbury plc Sainsbury PLC is considered as one of UKs leading food retailers. The Sainsbury history starts in 1869 and today it says We provide Healthy, Safe, Fresh and tasty food (Sainsbury, 2011). Sainsbury brand has maintained goodwill for many years by providing its customers with healthy safe and tasty food. No compromise on price and quality has been made as they go hand-in-hand. Groceries in Sainsbury was introduced in 1903.John James Sainsbury died in 1928 by that time there were 128 shops and his last words were to keep shops lit. (Sainsbury, 2011). FROM FIELD TO FORK IN UNITED KINGDOM 17,000 Farmers Grocers 2,000+ Suppliers 22 Distribution Centres 800+ Supermarkets 30,000+ Products 150,000+ Colleagues 19 Over million Customers 3) Evaluation of stake holders. Anyone who can affect or be affected by the actions of the organization (Godson, 2008).The term stakeholder was first used by the Stanford Research Institute in 1963 to jointly describe consumers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, financial lenders, and society in general. (Reed, 2008). Relationship Marketing model developed by Gummessons consists of four broad partnerships were exchange take place. They are applied in case of Sainsbury United Kigdom Four Broad Partnerships of Relationship Marketing (Morgan and Hunt 1994) Internal Partnerships-The research studies suggests the quality of relationship a company has with its customers largely depend on how the employees at the front line make customers. (Egan, 2008) Being a great place to work is rooted in Sainsburys heritage and values. Sainsbury plays a vital role in achieving the corporate business goals with the help of its colleagues working for them.1,50,000 of the colleagues together make it successful in delivering great customer service every single day. These individuals by all sense are the face of the company. Delivering great food at fair price and surpassing the customer expectations. The employees are treated in a manner by which retention of employees takes place motivating them to work for Sainsburys customers in the best manner. Sainsbury is proud to be awarded the peoples organisation by the CBI in Human capital Awards 2009.It was awarded in recognition of HR people management excellence. The first ever retailer who has been awarded a gold accreditation from Investors in people for the commitment made to improve business through investment in our colleagues. Out of 168 categories Sainsbury was successful in 165. (J SainsburyP LC) Supplier Partnerships- Two formal documents are held by Sainsbury which cover the commitments made to their suppliers and standard they expect in return. They take pride in having good supplier relations. They are the first supermarket to implement a voluntary code of conduct which went beyond the obligations in previous supermarket code of practice. They issue a supplier handbook to their suppliers which is legally binding code of commercial practice. (J SainsburyPLC). Sainsbury has thoroughly strengthened and widened grocery supply code of practice (GSCOP) which is in force from feb2010 following the competition commission report into the grocery market. Sainsburys supplier have training thereby they can support the skills of suppliers to ensure they can operate efficiently to meet our requirements for quality and sustainability. They are the worlds largest retailer Sainsbury is doing well in the retail sector. (J SainsburyPLC) Buyer Partnerships- Sainsbury engages with the shoppers on a day to day basis by requesting their feedback. (J SainsburyPLC).Sainsbury communicates that it understands it s customers and their needs. Sainsbury customers are mailed a calendar which is their on their wall for twelve months with a new image and a new text or idea every month. (Jenkinson Sain, 2003).Sainsbury does spend to genuinely understand their customers. Moreover it is vital in Integrated Marketing when it comes to big brands like Sainsbury having multiple customer communities. (Jenkinson Sain, 2003) Relationship Marketing ladder of loyalty External Partnerships- As Sainsburys does engage with organisations like NGOs and government and agencies to understand issues and making better decisions. (J SainsburyPLC) Stakeholders like Normative groups Diffuse groups 4.1 Normative groups have authority to regulate or control the actions of an organization (Godson, 2008) These would include Regulatory bodies, Governments, Trade associations, Professional associations, shareholders and finances. The Sainsbury boss fears new VAT rise under new government (Kollewe, 2010). 4.2 In Sainsbury they are committed in reducing the negative impact on the environment and aiming to be leaders in UK for environmental innovation. Climate change is affecting everyone so Sainsbury tries to reduce the environmental footprint as all nature of business has direct or indirect impacts but in retail distinction is is significant. They have been given an A rating in the consumer Focus Green to the Core? In 2010 a five year partnership has been announced with Imperial College, London and Grantham Institute for Climate Change. Sainsbury won Green Retailer of the Year Award at Drinks Business Green Awards on March 8th 2011. (Sainsbury, 2011) Customer Relationship Management As Mass Media Advertising on decline marketers are focussing more on CRM adopting it as the best way to win, retain and grow business. (Handen, 2000). Most definitions of CRM is based around the collection and use of customer data for specific customer-focused activities. (Walton, 2008)CRM is a buzzword that a buzzword thats really not so new (Gateway for India, 2005).CRM previously did allow the neighbourhood grocer to keep a track over few of his customers preferences. To recognise their needs and deliver them effectively. Technology has now allowed to go into future in this model. (Gateway for India, 2005).The CRM today brings the organization closer to the customers allowing the organization to understand and cater to their needs in a better manner. (Handen, 2000).Mass marketing done through advertising and effective campaigns may not reach customers so effectively as CRM can do today. (Handen, 2000) Sainsbury selects Teradata warehouse replacing Oracle and getting CRM solution.This would enable in implementation of CRM and communicating well with the targeted customers and personalized communication and decision making.Sainsbury wanted to carry out a initative in offering customers surpassing to their expectations (Sainsburyselects Teradata Warehouse and CRM solutions, 2001) Sainsbury developed customer relationship to win customers in 2011.As household budgets looked stretched further by tax increase and inflation.There are some elements which can be used to achieve focus on relationships to establish with the shoppers enabling them to win sales over their competitors. (News, 2011) Focus on value- Retailers are trying to promote heavily to their customers with price guarantees and promotional innovation among the key weapons in their communication strategies. (News, 2011) Trend one -Internet Internet is used widely to communicate across different channels.The sales is also recorded in conjunction the price message is also communicated properly. (News, 2011) Trend two-Promotional mechanics-The retailers come up with innovative promotional schemes to attract the customers so that sales would increase,deals such as buy 1 get 1 free.During festivals or some ocassions like Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Easter the promotion schemes becomes more significant in the retail calendars. (News, 2011) Loyalty cards and technology -Loyalty card scheme is been widely used by retailers.It has been gaining momentum helping the retailers to establish good customer relationship in future.To reward the shoppers indirectly encourages and tempts them to shop more which results in more sales. (News, 2011) Non-Food Alongside their strong food propositions Sainsbury approach to develop its hypermarket format and to utilize their extended space for general merchandize. (News, 2011) Customer Service-Customers not only purchase the service but the experience offered by the service organisation. (Adebanjo, 2001).Sainsburys had tried a scheme in the early 2008 which would enable the company to build in the use of Nectar data.Some printed communication could include Money-off coupons,promotional offers, advertising messages and recipie ideas.It did combine customer relationship marketing(CRM) programme with colour printer technology.Moreover the it would help the suppliers to understand how the system can help. (Talking Retail-Hub for grocery retail, 2007). Customer Satisfaction At Sainsbury customers are delivered great service making it easy and enjoyable experience for the customers to shop. (Sainsbury, 2011)(Hill,1999)Customers are satisfied on meeting their expectations otherwise they are dissatisifed. (Adebanjo, Understanding Customer Satisfaction-Uk food industry Case study, 2001).Customer complaints helps to identify the weakness of customer service higlighting areas of improvement.The customers whose complaints are attended and resolved are more likely to remain loyal and share the experience with others. (Adebanjo, Understanding customer satisfaction-Uk food industry case study, 2001).This would enable in handling customer complaints and useful for service and process improvement.Customer focus and to understand customers is increasing among organizations and has become essential for business success. (Adebanjo, Understanding customer satisfaction-Uk food industry case study, 2001).Being prompt and effective in responding to customer concerns and complaints.Compalints are dealt in the store wherever possible by the store duty manager.A team is formed in sainsbury to know customer insights and individuals working together to study trends and needs of customer.They undertake surveys each month.The stores are not aware when they are conducted as it is done secretly when the check is been made unless the stores are informed regarding their performance and scope of improvement.Several steps and initatives are taken sothat customers can easily locate the products on shelves.New approach to reduce queiuing times at check outs.The ambition of Sainsbury is 1 in front at all check outs in our store Self service check outs are introduced by them and hand hold scanner for customers in 34 stores are introduced. (J SainsburyPLC) Loyalty- Loyalty is a positive feeling that consumers may exhibit towards brands,services,stores,product,catgories, and activities. (Godson, Customer loyalty and Inovlement, 2008). Geniuine Loyalty and Repeat-buying behaviour-To distinguish between genuine loyalty and repeat-buying behaviour as organizations sometimes mistake that they have loyal customers but sometimes they may be repeat purchaser in the outlets. There are some reasons to support these (Godson, Customer loyalty and Inovlement, 2008) Lack of Choice- Some cases customers lack choice of options to use some services eg. Bus as a particular company bus may be operating through a particular route an no other companies would have introduced in the same route. Thus the individual may avail the same bus service not because of loyalty but because of convenience even though it may be expensive compared to its competitors but this company bus has monopoly in that bus route. Convenience-A customer may purchase from the nearby grocery outlet not due to loyalty but it being convenient for the individual. Lack of information or ignorance-Sometimes an individual shopping in one outlet like Sainsbury eg Chicken meat Slices of 400gm for one pound may purchase from Sainsbury itself with other items. Reason may be he is not aware about Netto offering Chicken meat slice of 410gm at the same price and more tasty. In such a situation the person is not informed about the alternative and would end up purchasing from the same store not because of loyalty. Customer Loyalty- To develop and maintain customer loyalty which represents a major contributing factor in a firms profitability. (Fulford, 2005).Some studies are of the opinion that customer loyalty positively influences and reduces on market cost and increases sales per customer.(Berry 1995). Loyalty and retailing-Earlier research shows retailing area concentrated mainly on behavioural aspects. However some studies shows little association between loyalty and socio economic status of the household. Customer Identification loyalty programs- Customers should be identified as an individual so that they can be reached directly and relationship can be established. Sainsbury in June 2002 introduced Reward for customers the Nectar Card. (East et al 1995, Mason,1991)Since then it has helped the company to know their customers and benefitting both the parties customer and the company. (Fulford, 2005).Loyalty schemes and programs are been introduced to increase frequency of sales and usage of products and secondly to retain customers base given expense of recruiting new customers and relatively profitability of loyal customers.(Uncles et al;2003).This manner customer loyalty could be increased and interest of using loyalty cards have taken place. Nectar Card introduced by Sainsbury- It was introduced on September 10, 2002. In grocery stores of Sainsbury this was a revolution brought in the loyalty programme. UKs four best known companies Sainsbury, Barclaycard, Debenhams and BP together created Nectar Card UKs most comphrensive reward programme. Extensive advertising on TV on all major channels was accompanied with press and outdoor advertising campaign. As per the extensive research conducted to cater consumer needs there are some features of Nectar programme listed. (Sainsbury, 2011) Choice- The nectar Card could be used to collect points not just for flights but to purchase groceries, in restaurants and for many other purposes. Speed-Nectar points could be earned by shopping at more than 1800 as participating outlets wherever individual shops does not make an individual wait for long number of years to collect enough points so as to claim their rewards. Simplicity-It is simple to use as one card, one points currency. Moreover this same card could be used in other stores like Barclays and customers purse would not bulge with number of loyalty cards and all the points collected would be in one card only. Ease-It is easy to use .The procedure is not complicated. Depending on what one individual wants to use points for Exchange points for Nectar voucher. Call Nectar direct or have points automatically deducted as and when the card is swiped. Huge Investment in Customer Loyalty since Launch of Nectar- On September 28,2009 Sainsbury had huge investment in customer loyalty since launch of Nectar. Pound multi million investment over 5 years Over 1 billion money saving coupons in store Staple everyday basics to help customers through economic downturn This major financial investment in a coupon scheme was to benefit 18.5 million customers retailers serve every week. The customer receive reward at the till with money-off coupons to make further purchase of branded and Sainsbury own brand products. (Sainsbury, 2011) Nectar Card took top spot in race for customers loyalty- More customers use Nectar card in comparison to other loyalty cards. The number of people using nectar card increased over 1million in making Nectar card scheme to be widely used across the country making it popular among customers. The reason being Nectar card widely been used by customers and the attraction for them to use it is because it has number of partners it is associated with. Recent growth in 2010 usage of Nectar card was driven by savvy shoppers who were wanting more of their money during recession. As said by Gwyn Burr, Sainsburys Customer Direct. There customers appreciate and have around 1million new card holders who have signed to take advantage of benefits. (J SainsburyPLC) Easy Jet joined Nectar- Recently on March13 2011 Easy jet joined Nectar loyalty programme. This new partnership created between UKs largest loyalty programme and UKs biggest airlines. This partnership enables Nectar collectors to exchange their nectar points for any easy jest flights in 550 destinations in 30 countries with no restrictions. An article published in The Sunday Times says Sainsbury Chief Justin King-Loyalty cards provide advantage as without loyalty schemes supermarkets are forced to make promotions for their customers as those without data are been drawn into more promotion as they lack sophisticated database. As in Sainsbury coupon at till scheme customers are specially targeted money-off vouchers (Robert, 2010). Internal and External Relationships marketing Internal Relationship Marketing- The vital role played by employees in customer satisfaction has become distinct clear. (Godson, Background and theory, 2008)According to Gummesson E.2002, creating relationships between the management and employee and functions is the aim of internal marketing within relationship marketing. The employees should be given training so that they can serve customers in a manner which would increase the goodwill of the company and consequently develop in having external contacts and tools for external marketing. The employees when treated well this would motivate them to serve the customers. Sainsbury employees are recruited and the staff are treated without any discrimination. Focus to deal with candidates with Equality and Diversity policy at all times. Sainsbury attach Human Resource development to cope up with environment changes not only including the training cost but also investment cost. The policies for Sainsbury disabled people are such that which does not discriminate them from other employees rather gives them an edge and treats them with equality. External Relationship Marketing- . Communication Tools- Traditional communication tools like to sell by attracting attention, promote and persuade prior of making sales. There are two aspects like Asking-To elicit from consumers and buyers to understand their need of the product .Telling-To inform them all the aspects of the product making them aware helping to decide, persuade for acceptance and prompt purchase action.(i.e selling the product to increase level of business and accelerate diffusion of process) (J.Varey,2002) Example of Marketing Communication PERSONAL IMPERSONAL Formal Market Research focus group Market dominated advertising. Informal Consumer dominates face-to-face conversion. Internet chat room Other tools of Communication- Advertising- Making customers aware and delays affect on sales due to learning curve of customers.Sainsbury does extensive advertsing.Sainsbury target shoppers while they are in buying mode.It has effective communication with its customers through advertisments Publicity-Contionous effort made to make other communications credible.Campaigns of Sainsbury does include proof of posting and research available.They capture both point of sale and point of purchase opportunity. Personal selling- Immediate effect on sales. Sales Promotion E-marketing Direct Marketing- Sainsbury does more of direct marketing to reach its target customers.The channel used to reach its customers is through website (, advertising through the stores which are widespread acrros UK.The promotion tool used by them is Nectar Card to reward its loyal customers for the purchases made by them. Recommendations- Sainsbury should concentrate on how to lower the price compared to its competitor which wins more of the customers is due to maintain equilibrium between price and quality. Sainsbury concentrates more on food for the food lovers.As consumers nowdays have many options availaible like cheap tasty take-aways and restaurants offering them excellent ambience these would be threat for sainsbury food business.Therefore they should develop their array of product options more to offer customers. Sainsbury should do wider research so that it is successful in understanding its consumers. (n.d.). Retrieved april 3, 2001, from (n.d.). Retrieved april 07, 2011, from (2005). Retrieved April 10, 2011, from Gateway for India: (2007, october 27). Retrieved march 07, 2011, from Talking Retail-Hub for grocery retail: Adebanjo, D. (2001). Understanding customer satisfaction-a UK food industry case study. British food Journal , 36-45. Adebanjo, D. (2001). Understanding customer satisfaction-Uk food industry case study. British food Journal , 37. Adebanjo, D. (2001). Understanding Customer Satisfaction-Uk food industry Case study. British Food Journal , 36. Egan, J. (2008). Internal Partnerships. In J. Egan, Relationship Marketing:Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing (p. 174). PEARSON EDUCATION. Fulford, M. R. (2005). Loyalty transfer from Offline to online stores in the Uk grocery industry. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management (Vol-6), 444-446. Godson, M. (2008). Background and theory. In M. Godson, Relationship Marketing (p. 17). Oxford Press. Godson, M. (2008). Customer loyalty and Inovlement. In M. Godson, Relationship Marketing (p. 102). Oxford Press. Godson, M. (2008). External Relationships. In M. Godson, Relationship Marketing (p. 205). Oxford Press. Handen, L. (2000). Putting CRM to Work. In S. A. BROWN, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (p. 8). JOHN WILEY SONS CANANDA LTD. J SainsburyPLC. (n.d.). Retrieved april 11, 2011, from J.Varey, R. (n.d.). Retrieved from Google Books. Jenkinson, A., Sain, B. (2003, May 15). Sainsburs Little Ones. Retrieved april 07, 2011, from Stepping-Stones: Kollewe, J. (2010, may 13). Retrieved april 03, 2011, from News, S. (2011, January 17). Developingthe customer relationship to win in 2011. Retrieved april 12, 2011, from IGD Retail Analysis: Reed, F. a. (2008). External Relationships. In M. Godson, Relationship Marketing (p. 205). Oxford Press. Robert, M. L. (2010, march 14). Loyalty cards provide advantage. Retrieved april 09, 2011, from Sainsbury. (2011). J Sainsbury plc. Retrieved april 11, 2011, from J Sainsbury plc : Sainsburyselects Teradata Warehouse and CRM solutions. (2001, june 19). DS star . Walton, X. a. (2008). CRM. In M. Godson, Relationship Marketing (p. 141). Oxford University Press

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Managerial accounting question answers

â€Å"If an investment does not fit with an organization's strategic plan, It Is probably not a good Idea, even If the net present value Is positive. † Under what conditions would this be a true statement? When would It be false? The statement is generally true. Investments should be made that are consistent with the company's strategy. Sometimes a deal comes along that is too good to pass up. In such a case, a company might depart from its strategic plan (or revise the plan to accommodate the investment) 2.A film with an opportunity cost of capital of 15 percent faces two mutually exclusive investment projects: a. Acquire goods at the start of the year, ship them to Japan, and sell them at the end of the year. The internal rate of return is 20 percent and it has a positive NP. B. Make certain expenditures today that will cause reported earnings for the year to decline. This will result In large cash flows at the end of the second and third years.The Internal rate of return on this project Is 30 percent and It has a larger NP than the first project. Management observes that for the current year the second reject will result in smaller earnings reported to shareholders than the first. How might management's observation influence its choice between the two investment projects? NAS: Sometimes, because of the conservatism of financial accounting, expenditures that are â€Å"Investments† are not capitalized, but are written off currently, depressing current earnings but boosting future earnings.Such a phenomenon may well influence management to prefer projects with short-term benefits at the cost of ignoring longer-term projects with even larger benefits but which take more time to benefit reported earnings. . The flexible budget is a poor benchmark. The master budget Is all that is necessary. Give me your thoughts on these two statements. The flexible budget and master budget serve two different purposes. The master budget is a planning device, while the flexible budget is a control device.The master budget is the benchmark, or goal, based on all the information available at the time of preparation. It gives the profit goal for the upcoming period, based on an estimated level of activity. Although the firm may aim for that estimated level of activity, it may achieve above or below it. The flexible budget is then used to determine what revenues and costs should have been, given the actual activity level attained for the period.The use off flexible budget allows managers to separate volume variances from those due to differences in unit selling prices, unit variable costs, and fixed costs from the master budget. 4. Multi-Nationals around the world use master budgets, but there is considerable variation in who is involved in the process. In some countries, companies frequently use top-down budgeting while others use participative budgeting. Why it Is Important to know who within each company is

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Dirty Facts About Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples Exposed

Dirty Facts About Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples Exposed The Hidden Treasure of Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples Our experts always advise getting something that's close to you. If you get a totally free subject, you should recognize the region of your primary interest. When picking a biology topic, ensure you know what's happening. If you're really stuck trying to discover a not too broad or narrow topic, I would advise attempting to brainstorm a topic that utilizes a comparison. Atomic theory is the notion that matter consists of small particles made from atoms the atomic theory first had 5 points that were stated by john. If you pick a topic on human diseases and their behaviors, it is going to be challenging for you to experiment your ideas and ideas. You can do external studying to observe how others have defined this notion, but you need to also weigh in with your own comprehension and definition. Discuss from a scientific viewpoint, the philosophy and biology of the notion of love. More than a few of them require only 2000 words for an entire investigation. You should come up with your question based on your subject and the chief theme. If you've already decided on the most suitable topic of interest, make certain you include that while placing the purchase. Thus, you'll hardly find someone who hates this subject. If your school isn't one already, learn to develop into an IB World School to be able to implement the DP. Supervisors need to make sure the student has a fantastic plan to move forward with. High school students who complete the programme receive a chance to create their college application seem more attractive for the committee, in addition to obtain some exceptional interdisciplinary understanding. Some teachers might just take on students since they have to and might not be passionate about reading drafts and might not provide you a good deal of feedback. Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples: the Ultimate Convenience! Now you are prepar ed to make your research question. Discuss how biology is presently being used in managing threats to global peace. A research structure is like the form of an hourglass, and your biology project structure isn't any different. Just keep in mind that it is the key. Psychology is a significant utility in regards to helping people jump over hurdles in nearly any life situation. Our is always open and you'll receive all the help that you demand. You may also seek the help of the web. Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples - the Story When you're writing an essay on biology, you have to make certain your topic is all up to date. If you don't have a topic we'll provide you with an opportunity to select one from a collection of psychology extended essay topics that will be given by your writer. Even more, you might want to select a trendy topic. Additionally, by definition, some topics aren't acceptable for a protracted essay in physics, which is an experimental science with a certain strategy and techniques. Just as with any other essay, you could write many topics for elongated essays. A protracted essay is among the most crucial sections of your IB Diploma. It is a type of academic writing assignment, which success depends on the structure. You will construct your whole extended essay around it. Below are twenty example topics for a drawn-out essay in biology you can have a close look at them so as to compose your own. You are going to be able to discover enough info on every one of them to conduct your research and answer your essay's major questions. For a student who's taking up a class in biology, it's essential for you to realize that at some point in time you're going to be asked to compose an essay. The support of Genetics in understanding the fundamental concepts of Zoology. Biology Extended Essay Topics Examples at a Glance If you're able to do that, there's a very excellent possibility you will easily be in a superb place to ace the paper. You won't be able to crank out a 4,000-word essay in a week and receive an A. Of course, you can't just produce a suitable issue to develop on the go. In the event you want a bit more guidance on how to have an A EE.